Cryptid Centerfolds is a miniature collectable card set that contains risqué images of women in the style of cryptids. It is not suitable for all ages. Part of me wishes to apologize for unleashing this upon the world... but the other parts of me love the depravity. In the words of Hedonismbot, "I apologize for nothing".

That said, I do feel it's necessary to explicitly highlight that these have absolutely NOTHING to do with MetaZoo, in any way.

Each Cryptid Centerfolds booster pack contains 5 cards, at least 1 of which is holographic!

1 of 10 different wonderful cryptid-influenced characters designed by Marisa J Art.

There are 3 different holographic foils... for a lack of any official names, let's consider them "star", "confetti", and "digital". 

The breakdown of the cards is as follows:

  • 1/10 - REDACTED

  • 2/10 - REDACTED

  • 3/10 - REDACTED

  • 4/10 - REDACTED

  • 5/10 - REDACTED

  • 6/10 - Piasa Bird 

  • 7/10 - Babe the Blue Ox

  • 8/10 - REDACTED

  • 9/10 - REDACTED

  • 10/10 - Mothman

  • */10 - Secret Rare - 5 printed (in circulation)


Cards 1 through 8 come in non-holographic and holographic form.
The print run breakdown for 1 - 8 is:

  • 95 Digital Holo

  • 95 Confetti Holo

  • 95 Star Holo

  • ~300 Non-Holo

Cards 9 and 10 only come in holographic... their breakdown is:

  • 45 Digital Holo

  • 45 Confetti Holo

  • 45 Star Holo

Serial Rares are only Star Holo, and only 5 were printed and put into packs.

997 total packs were created(weird number, I know...)


You may be wondering... why are the counts not an even 100, or 50 for each holographic? 997 total packs, that math doesn't add up... There's a lot of printing magic that goes on during the manufacturing stage, and they over printed some Non-holo cards. Also, some of the holographics (5 of each) are set aside to go to the following entities:

  • CGC Grading

  • BGS / Beckett Grading

  • Cardboard and Coffee

  • The amazing artist, Marisa J

  • My personal collection to be cherished forever

I strive to be completely transparent with the print run, and that means getting a bit confusing with the numbers. However, this is what's required for these to be eligible for grading.

One final note, just because you made it this far down... wanted to let you know a little unadvertised secret. 15% of the proceeds are going to the artist Marisa J, and she doesn't know yet! (shhhh)