Chronicles of Arcane - Foundry of Existence - 2 Random Theme Decks
Chronicles of Arcane - Foundry of Existence - 2 Random Theme Decks
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Chronicles of Arcane - Foundry of Existence - 2 Random Theme Decks

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    Chronicles of Arcane - Foundry of Existence 

    Two random (but guaranteed different) theme decks from the Kickstarter Set!

    Will contain two Theme Decks from the Foundry of Existence Kickstarter Set:

    • Cyclogenesis
    • Dark Sacrifice
    • Fanatics Fires
    • Lions Pride
    • Riptide

    Each deck comes with:

    - 1 Pre-made 41-Card Deck
    - 1 Sealed Holographic Promo Card
    - 1 Booster Pack
    - 1 Rulebook

    Cyclogenesis -

    Avel Stormblade is a calm, collected mentor to his people and a no-nonsense force of nature to his enemies. He has become the embodiment of the storm, able to channel lightning through his very blade itself. Now, Avel and his forces are gathered and at your command - prepared for the storms ahead.

    Call on Avel Stormblade to devastate front lines and invoke powerful spells to clear and take out evasive enemies. The cloudwalker tribe provides the opportunity to wield fossilized lightning - striking foes as you test the winds - while buffing your own creatures. Utilize your ancient to control the battlefield and determine whether you have the power to control Cyclogenesis.

    Dark Sacrifice - 

    Invoke Death's Herald to bring forth the Nyxurion Abomination, an incredibly powerful creature born of the Endless Abyss. Some say the appearance of the abomination marks the end of Elysiora and the beginning of Nyxurion's dark, eternal reign. Can you harness the power of the undead and sacrifice what is necessary to summon this creature?

    Take advantage of the utility among your creature's undead abilities to return from the Sanctum. Plan decisively to invoke Death's Herald, bringing it all together through self-sacrifice to ultimately summon and dominate your opponent with one of the strongest creates in Chronicles of Arcane.

    Fanatics Fires

    Ignatius Flamestrider, Elder Incendiary Mage, defected from his people to rule the Ember Nomads, a group of nomadic pyromancers who revel in the destructive and purifying power of fire.  He wields unmatched mastery of fire magic, turning entire landscapes to ash as they roam, leaving a trail of fear and destruction in their wake.

    Plan decisively - the pyromancers prefer to burn fast and hot - so when you decide to begin your assault, be sure you are prepared to take the life damage you will receive back. If you plan masterfully and control the heat, victory will be yours!

    Lions Pride - 

    Thornar, King of Beasts, defender of the earthly realm. All beasts big and small bow to his rule. It is said that wherever Thornar walks his kingdom thrives. With the threat of Nyxurion's army on the horizon, will the majestic king's strength be enough to protect Elysiora's bounty? His power is in your hands.

    Your pack protects you as you attempt to take over the battlefield through sheer endurance and numbers. Coordinate when you decide to bring out your feral lions tokens, and think about when to arrack or when to defend and build up further. Thornar himself will help you finish them off!

    Riptide - 

    Dishonored Knight, the Blackfish was once the captain of the Merfolk Queen's royal guard - until he, without word, abandoned the depths to seek out those who aim to poison the essence power of Arcane, Foundry of Existence. Now, recklessly cutting through enemies with little regard of what it will take to win, this Dishonored Knight and the denizens of Elysiora's seas fight for you.

    Control the tide of battle with the Blackfish's army - through buffs and debuffs, keen planning, and utilization of Frenzy of Sharks tokens - until you can invoke Dishonored Knight, The Blackfish, and increase his attack with lethal disregard. Can you withstand the riptide?