Legions of Will - Chaos Ascension - Booster Box
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Legions of Will - Chaos Ascension - Booster Box

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    Crack into the first Legions of Will serialized booster box containing 36 packs each containing 10-cards, and a box topper!

    Booster Box labeled out of 500.

    The number you receive will be random!

    Booster Packs contain:
    • 4x Commons
    • 3x Uncommon
    • 1x Holo (Any Rarity) or Secret Rare
    • 2x Rare or Legendary


    Set Breakdown:

    Chaos Ascension is a 255-card set with 20-secret rare alt-art cards.

    The secret rare alt-arts feature borderless versions of the most playable cards in the game and unique artwork styles from a variety of artists. The art styles range from cartoonish to realism and feature traditional and non-traditional art. Secret rares will appear in booster packs in about 1 in every 36 packs. Box toppers will contain secret rares, which means 2/20 secret rares in each box. (Rarity breakdowns and pull rates below)

    The booster boxes contain 36-packs with 10-cards per pack. This set is draftable with 6 packs, therefore, 4-6 players can easily draft an entire box. 3 base cards and 40 additional cards are required to build a deck. You will find about 4.5 base cards in every 6 packs and a total of 60 cards. There are no color restrictions in this game and tons of synergy, making deck building and drafting easy.

    The holofoil cards will be printed with a holofoil on the artwork itself and the rarity symbol. The rest of the elements, including text box, K logo, card name and card stats will be non-holofoil. The cards will be standard 63*88mm printed on 300gsm, white core paper with a matte finish.

    Each booster box and theme deck will feature a serialized void seal.


    • 30 Bases (11.8%)
    • 26 Upgrades (10%)
    • 30 Traps (11.8%)
    • 58 Actions (22.7%)
    • 111 Units (43.5%)


    Below you will find how many of each rarity is printed for the 275 card set. Also, you will find the pull rates for each rarity based on 1000 boxes. The same percentages will be true for any number of final boxes printed. The numbers represent how many of each specific card within that rarity will be printed at 1000 boxes.


    •  Common: 84
    •  Uncommon: 75
    •  Rare: 77
    •  Legendary: 19
    •  Secret Rare: 10
    •  Secret Legendary: 10


    •  Common: 1715
    •  Uncommon: 1440
    •  Rare: 842
    •  Legendary: 378


    •  Common: 183
    •  Uncommon: 155
    •  Rare: 90
    •  Legendary: 40
    •  Secret Rare: 108
    •  Secret Legendary: 35